Watermanagement       rainwater irrigation, rainwater management
Waterscapes Horticultural shows  and housing areas
Water gardens parks, public squares, housing areas
Urban housing in various regions of Germany
Shopping center px shopping center for the american army, shopping center Recklinghausen
Hotel resorts hotel resorts in Spain, in Russia
Urban concepts urbanistic green planning in various cities
Vertical gardening BGV insurance Karlsruhe, LOK Karlsruhe, Shopping Center MFI
Bio-engineering shoreline stabilization, bank reinforcement
Urban parks in various cities of Germany
Urban squares in various cities of Germany
Roof gardens roof gardens  for shopping center, administration, housing areas
Golf courses Golf course in Wawronek 18 hole – Russia
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staff: Dipl. Ing. Karolina Swietoniowska ( 5 years ) , Dipl. Ing. Hendrik Otto ( 6 years ) Dipl. Ing. Thorsten Krüger ( 2 years ), Dipl. Ing. Emine Sevil ( 3 years ), Dipl.Ing. George Fahlbusch ( 3 years)